An invite only membership to an evolved social network with a high vibe culture, mastermind, collaboration and thriving micro-economy.

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Members receive new knowledge that leads to personal and professional excellence through training and Academy


Members share ideas and form deeper connection at events and online with other members of the same level.


Members create a thriving micro-economy by agreeing to support each other when appropriate and accurate.


The Tribe creates much more exposure than any individual can on their own through one marketing hub and effort.

Membership Options


Level 1-$49/monthly

Weekly Training & Academy

Level 2 Exclusive Mastermind

Free entry for Local Events

Level 1 Marketing


Level 2-$99/monthly

Weekly Training & Academy

Level 3 Exclusive Mastermind

Free table display at Local Events

Level 2 Marketing


Level 3-$199/monthly

Weekly Training & Academy

Level 4 Exclusive Mastermind

Premium display at Local Events

Level 3 Premium Marketing

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Dedication to Accurate Thought, Activity & Habit


Weekly Webinar

The High Vibe is created as members become aware of WEVO principles


Monthly Event

One Tribe One Event with Intention, Purpose and Productivity



We forge real relationships online, at events and one on one.

WEVO Agreements

~Evolve as an Authentic Leader~

~Model Personal and Professional Excellence~

~Mindfulness of Accurate Thought, Activity and Habit~

~Create the Highest and Best Outcome in Every Interaction~

~Intentionally and Proactively Expand the WEVO Tribe~

~Allow others the freedom to be whom they are by reducing the emotional attachment to expectation, judgment, manipulation and control of them~

~Refrain from complaining, criticizing or condemning others~

~Consciously aware of inner-action and interaction~

The DNA of High Vibn Thrivn Tribe


DNA #1


DNA #2

Clarity of Dreams

DNA #3

Definite Purpose

DNA #4



DNA #5

Authentic Leadership

DNA #6

Attract Tribe

DNA #7

Create Harmonic Culture

DNA #8

Align Effort & Energy